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At Nautitech® we know that one of the biggest challenges underground is communication between sites and the surface. Underground sites will continue to have fewer people and higher automation to minimise the danger to humans and maximise productivity. As such, it’s important that there is reliable communication and visibility to control the Underground Internet of Things (UIoT).

Our communication products are designed to use WiFi technology underground with the ability to configure, monitor, and diagnose underground equipment from a computer on the surface. The Nautitech® UIoT platform for hazardous areas underground is designed to promote assisted automation, reliable communications, remote visibility, improved productivity, and safer environments.

Monitor, diagnose, configure and update your equipment from the surface using the Spitfire range which sends data over the pilot cores and power cores of existing trailing cables. The range includes:

Spitfire BPLM – transmits machine data to the surface seamlessly and helps communication between equipment, the surface, and existing infrastructure.

Super Spitfire – extends the communication network to work over longer distances

Wingman – allows you to remotely monitor, upgrade, and configure the network structure of all Spitfire BPLMs

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