Flameproof Methane Safety

///Flameproof Methane Safety
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The Methane Master shutdown and start up system is customisable to suit the specific needs of an underground site and is the most widely used methane system in Australian coal mines.

Included Components

I.S. sensor head and interface board with filter kit for increased ingress protection and a snout that allows for quick removal of sensor head for calibration. Hand in hand with the HawkEye Display , the Methane Master provides clear graphics and mission critical data at a glance.

Customisable Components

Choose your enclosure, batteries and power supplies to suit

Sensor Options

Build your system with a range of sensor options including CAN gauges, switches, temperature and pressure sensors, injectors, and floats.

Benefits of the Nautitech Methane Master include:

  • Clear, full colour graphics
  • Critical information at a glance
  • Improved Ingress Protection
  • Infrared sensing technology
  • Multiple sensor capability
  • Ruggedised stainless steel construction
  • Fast warm up times
  • Not susceptible to ‘poisoning’

The Methane Master can be used in conjunction with Nautitech Spitfire modems, as well as Thermal and HD Cameras.

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