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The CUBEX suite of Intrinsically Safe modular products deliver outstanding advantages to the industry by providing a system that doesn’t require additional enclosures for use in hazardous environments underground. Over time, the I.S solutions represent significant cost savings due to a reduction in inspections, maintenance, and machinery down time. The I.S. Lights range offers both work area lighting and vehicle lights for use in Group I and Zone 0 hazardous environments underground.

The range offers the following benefits:

  • Can be powered intrinsically using the Nautitech PSM
  • Flexible use as headlights, indicators, hazard or standalone light (when paired with Nautitech I.S PSM)
  • Independent light banks allow flexibility such as Independent and Anti-phase strobing, Individual On/Off control, and High/Low Beam
  • Multiple colours, flashing, intensity and beam angle options
  • Compact, light, SS65 robust enclosure

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