Mitch, welcome aboard. So where are you from?

I’m from a small town called Clermont in central Queensland. Our town used to be known for its flooding, following a major flood about 100 years ago, many of the wooden buildings in the town were moved to higher ground using steam traction engines, so we became known as the “shifting town”. I’m living in Mackay now and just got a new camper that the wife and I take to some great spots on the sunshine coast. I try to fit a bit of fishing and golf in too.

Sounds great, I am jealous already! And work wise; what kind of experience do you bring to Nautitech?

I first started in the food processing industry doing my electrical apprenticeship. After that I had my own business doing wash plant commissioning work in the mining industry. I also worked on the electrical instrumentation (e.g. air quality sensors), for the airport link tunnel in Brisbane. I then went back into mining as a maintenance sparky contracting to ten mine sites working on operation, maintenance, calibrations and upgrade commissioning of their wash plants. Next, I worked with SDV Longwall Support, working on their development gear, doing shuttle car overhauls, maintaining equipment like feeder breakers, auxiliary fans and pump skids. I was the workshop leading hand for the electricians. My experience at SDV Longwall Support will allow me to work quite confidently on underground longwall and development related products that Nautitech supply and support.

Excellent background and what are some of the things you are looking forward to achieving with Nautitech?

I consider myself a quick learner, who welcomes challenges while being open to learning new things. It’s not uncommon for me to discover work processes that have not changed for literally 20+ years, usually just because the people involved have never tested their assumption that it can’t be done a better way. In this context, my goal is often to make something more maintenance friendly – basically, if I am working on something I want it to be easier for the next person to work on it by streamlining and automating whatever I can. And it’s always important to liaise with the actual operators because they spend long periods of time using the equipment that I am trying to improve.

This approach sounds very promising for Nautitech, lastly, the two people you admire most?

Firstly, my Dad because he taught me to be curious and the value of learning. My dad was an open cut examiner, he had the authority to shut the pit down if needed. Secondly Adam Sandler, funniest bloke ever!

Mitch, thanks for your time today and we all very much look forward to working with you.