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The aim of the Innovation Awards is to recognise creative and practical solutions to health and safety and to promote their application across the Queensland resources industry.

Entry is open to all Queensland resource companies and sites; including metalliferous, coal, quarries, exploration, oil and energy, and to contractor companies associated with the industry.

“The mobile machine operators particularly like how the screen becomes brighter when something relatively warm comes into view” – Martin Kime, Metropolitan Mine NSW.

Thermal camera for underground mobile equipment:

Drive with more confidence – see bystanders more clearly

Reduced chance of arcing in a hazardous zone – see the trailing cable more clearly

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For the purpose of these Awards, the word “innovation” is broadly defined, as either a new initiative or an original solution to a specific safety and occupational health problem, but must not include products for commercial sale or where opportunities for production and commercial sale or being sought.

There are two rounds of judging. Firstly, the preliminary judging round when all submissions are assessed by a judging panel comprising of selected representatives (across industry sectors) who select a short list of 10 finalists to go forward to the next round.

The final judging round is then conducted at the Conference where each finalist presents their innovation to Conference delegates and said judging panel (note: the panel may ask questions on each innovation following the presentation).