Saminco International will showcase its JR1000 VFD Feeder Breaker System, also available for continuous miners and shearers. These drives can be custom configured to provide the torque and power requirements of your mining equipment.

  • Voltage ranges of 850V to 1260V, 3PH, 50/60 Hz available to accommodate most international customers.
  • Multiple choices for voltage outputs
  • Smart rectifier modules provide energy-saving regenerative braking down to stall.
  • Systems are designed for base plate cooling by air contact or liquid.
  • Closed loop flux vector control gives the ability of inclined speed control and also controlled reduced speed when activated by the proximity detection system.
  • Open loop flux vector control is also available if a motor encoder is not available.
  • System will operate V/F control for conveyors and fans.
  • Analog reference input and/or CAN Bus Communications is available.
  • Maximum output frequency of 150Hz
  • Adaptive under voltage and overvoltage control
  • Radio controlled option is available.
  • Cutter motor feedback to optimize tram speed.
  • Full motor protection (overload, short circuit, lock rotor, Motor RTD, online, jam, phase loss, ground fault).
  • Our AC drive has up to 2X starting torque compared to a DC drive .
  • Infinitely variable speed tramming.

Hosted by our partner, Nautitech, stop by AIMEX stand # 4924 to see a demo and for more information regarding this and other Saminco products. Saminco International has locations in the South Africa, China, USA and Poland. We are proud to partner with Nautitech for your mining needs and service in Australia and throughout the southern Pacific region.