• Maximise productivity 
  • Automated horizon control 
  • Reduced operator risk
  • Reduced damage to picks

Productive longwall operations rely on sustaining the shearer in the perfect position for maximum coal extraction – a challenging skill where small errors can lead to valuable quantities of coal being left behind, and or broken equipment.

As a shearer moves it leaves horizontal line-like bands in the main body of coal. These lines are not visible to the naked eye but are visible to Nautitech’s thermal camera. Known as ‘marker bands’, the lines act as reference points showing where the shearer should be optimally positioned for maximum coal extraction.

With the help of Nautitech’s thermal imaging, and several collaboration partners, longwall miners worldwide are now able to track these marker bands with machine like accuracy. The data from the camera can be used to automatically adjust the vertical position of their shearer for automated shearer operation. The system can also provide a graphical display of the desired extraction profile and the option to either select or ignore this input.

At least three underground coal mines are trialling a horizon control system. Talk to us today about a trial for your shearer sales@nautitech.com.au or 02 9899 6857.