Get a HawkEye view of your machine status

Nautitech’s Methane Master, normally provides the operator with a CH4 reading, run hours, battery and alternator voltages. This information is displayed in raw text form, while other information is stored by the display, it is buried in a sub-menu structure that often requires a manual to navigate.

The display has been exceptionally reliable over the years. But there is always room to improve and In recent months, Nautitech decided to improve on its current display by giving end users much more information, without affecting it’s rock solid reliability. Nautitech’s engineering team has done a great job of giving machine operators and their managers what they had requested in the new display.

Nautitech presents the all new HawkEye


So what’s it got?

Big rich colours
A choice of 16,000 different colour settings, 18 bit display for sharp, easy to read information, even on a machine operating in darkness, dust, steam and vibration

New Home Page
The new homepage displays all the crucial information without needing to ‘scroll’ and now displays four temperature read outs (for JUG systems)

Smarter menu
More menu items are now visible up front, meaning less dependence on the operator to remember the menu flow or to refer to the manual. And if a parameter is ‘out of bounds’ its colour changes

Much easier updates
Firmware and software updates can now be done through the display. For example if there is new software for the charger, battery or display, this can be reprogrammed through the display using an SD card. No need to replace the hardware or send it to Nautitech to be reprogrammed.

More data logged
The HawkEye stores 94 time stamped data logs, with multiple logs displaying on one screen (previous version displays up to 25 logs).