Nautitech’s various quality improvement programs such as 5 Whys, JIT and 5S, now in their 3rd year, have allowed our production team to cultivate industry leading reliability levels and ultra-low product return rates. Nautitech has now achieved its goal of nil warranty claims across all communications product lines, since 1 July 2013. Over the same 2-year time frame the company has also sustained an impressive average DIFOT (Delivered in Full on Time) of 99%.

Nautitech’s management team brings it down to culture…

“The team here is vibrant and energetic which makes a big difference to our output targets. We are hitting scheduled mass production targets as well as meeting urgent customer requests which is something we could never do a few years ago. It goes deeper than just our production team, It’s really a culture shift – peoples mind sets are different now, we don’t rush to conclusions and we implement improvements that are long sighted, and now our customers are seeing the fruit of that with our recent doubling of product warranties”

Below: New 2 year warranty on BPLM products:

bplm wty

Below: how Ensham has combined Wi-Fi to get the most out of their modems…

bubble pic

General communications and the reporting of incidents occurring around the coal face has traditionally been hampered by the need for mine employees to physically walk back to the crib room and pick up the phone in order to make requests such as for parts or emergency help. A new combination of powerline modem and Wi-Fi comms technology solves this communication lag that can often come at a critical time, by enabling immediate comms from the face.

This has been achieved by connecting a NLT Wi-Fi access point to the powerline modem in the continuous miner. This creates a wireless comms zone or ‘bubble’ around the machine. Workers located within the bubble can use phones and messaging systems and cameras to communicate with workers on the surface in real time – either for emergencies or just day to day comms.

The continuous miner driver can communicate directly with the surface control officer to identify any production delays such as conveyor stoppages or storage bins being full.
Ensham’s Electrical Engineering Superintendent Brad Price says the new underground communications system is a world first for underground coal, and since being installed has been faultless.

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