VIDEO SPECIAL: Andrew and Nigel from Cougar Mining Group, one of the largest underground coal hire fleets in Australia, talk about how critical it is to have their machines fitted out with dependable methane systems that are widely used and easy to work with…
Many fleet managers are already familiar with Nautitech’s original methane shutdown system but may not know just how much it has advanced this year with the release of the Methane Master – the next generation model.

Nautitech’s Head of Business Development says “even with the Methane Master having a faster response time, an advanced new snout design for exceptional ingress protection, and a rapid head change out system, we have still managed to appeal to a price conscious market by initiating some very aggressive price points indeed. If you have a code D looming or are thinking of updating your fleet it is an ideal opportunity at this time to implement the new Methane Master, and at the latest pricing model it really makes sense to take advantage of this”, Ian says.

The below diagram shows the improvements built into the new Methane Master. Call us for more information on 02 9899 6857 or email us on