quick read

“Sensors can sometimes go open circuit – they default to a too high a temperature and don’t allow the engine to run resulting in machine downtime. The new QuickRead unit from Nautitech allows us to test sensor accuracy on the spot” – John, Torque Enterprises

Incorrect sensor readings can present an annoying hindrance when trying to get a mobile machine back into service. Nautitech’s engineers have developed a simple new sensor tester to help with this issue. Introducing the new QuickRead by Nautitech.

How does it work?

The sensor testing unit works by converting temperature readings into electrical current (and then back to a temperature reading again).

Basic steps

Connect the calibrated sensor to the QuickRead unit
Submerge reference sensor in known fluid (e.g. heated water)
Submerge UUT (Unit Under Test) into the fluid and leave for 5 minutes
Take the calibrated sensor reading, then disconnect it
Connect the UUT
Compare readings

How often?

Tests can be done as often as you like – the unit is small and portable. We generally suggest at least at every major service.

Additional notes

The accuracy of the product is closely related to the environment the unit is subjected to. The UUT should be subjected to the same conditions as the reference sensor. Please note that each sensor has a ± 2-3°C accuracy and is highly dependent on the environment it is subjected to.

When you choose a heat source for the test, it should be sustained for the duration of the test.

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