michael final

Michael, great to have you on board, so what are you going to do first up?

On my first day I was tasked to propose a next generation methane sensor which could solve a common request from several mine sites: how to have the sensing element mounted further away in the vehicle but keep the display and its input interface close to the operator. This required an extended cable but the challenge with that is that it becomes susceptible to getting damaged, sliced, shorted etc.

The logical answer was to create an Intrinsically Safe (IS) remote mounted methane sensor – an Intrinsically Safe sensor that can also generate discrete methane readings no matter what zone it is located in. The IS device can power the communication lines and LCD Display whether the methane level is safe or unsafe – so this was another good reason to go down the IS path.

Sounds like a very worthwhile project. Tell us – what has prepared you to be able to tackle a complex challenge like this?

Prior to joining Nautitech I have had four years of experience designing Intrinsically Safe devices in UGC (Underground Coal Mining). Most of my designs passed certification from TUV, UL and VDE and are still in the market today. This experience allowed me to approach the project with confidence and speed.

I am also a former senior design engineer and product leader for 5 years with Panasonic Audio Video Networks Singapore, whereby I designed 8 product models that were sold worldwide during my term. I really believe this is my calling: designing devices and products which contribute to society.

Impressive! And when you need to take a break, what might you be doing?

I play the guitar and particularly like Eric Clapton and Bread. I love playing chess, and very passionate about motorbikes – I dismantle and rebuild motorbike engines for fun.

Sounds like a great mix of pastimes to me! Thanks for your time Michael and it’s fantastic to have you on the team.