Getting your underground conveyor belt mini loaders productive & compliant can be an impossible task.        Not anymore……

Conveyor Cleaning Services (CCS) in conjunction with Nautitech now provide site compliant NERZ KANGA mini loaders. These loaders offer underground miners the most efficient and productive mini loader to clean and monitor your conveyor belt areas. Your Kanga mini loader can now contain a full shutdown system that has a AS4871 rating.

When Nautitech was asked to make the Kangas fully compliant and AS4871 rated, we took this loader to the next level. Not only do the mini loaders clean up your conveyor belt area and increase production, but they now can be fitted with: Temperature sensors, pressure sensors, Flameproof LED lights, a data logger (Profiler), engine management equipment and thermal cameras.

Case study: Success Story!

Grasstree Mine have an extremely long conveyor system with a lot of spillage at transfer points. A typical 12 hour shift results in a Kanga loader returning 150 > 180 buckets to the conveyor system. At 150 buckets X 320 kg per bucket = 48 tonnes  per day  at $100 per tonne = $4,800.00 a shift in reclaimed coal. We are able to keep Grasstree’s belts compliant at little or no cost to Grasstree.

CCS have been operating at Anglo’s Grasstree Mine since 2009, with 8 operators and 3 Kanga loaders. Several other mines have now ordered the Kanga mini loader to increase their conveyor belt productivity in 2017.

Increase safety levels and productivity for your conveyor belt area

The new  nautitech-logo-600Kanga

increases safety levels for drivers & yields from conveyor belt; monitors area’s temperatures, gas and pressure levels, machine health and performance:

✓ Increases the safety levels for driverkanga underground
✓ Monitors the area’s temperatures, gas levels & pressures
✓ Monitors Kanga performance & engine health
✓ Increases yields by returning spilt coal to the conveyor system
✓ Upgraded 4 cylinder engine that runs at much lower rpm
✓ Produces more power at a much lower engine temperature
✓ Guarding to protect exposed parts for hazardous conditions underground
✓ Can include a boundary trespass shutdown system

Additional benefits include:
✓  Full turn Key retrofit – Harnesses
✓  3 Axis gyro
✓  Safe assessed
✓  SIL1 assessed (Temperatures and CH4)
✓  Intelligent dashboard
✓  Minimal intrusion for installation
✓  Correct solution for area (NERZ)

→Conveyor Cleaning Services approached Nautitech to design and install a full shutdown system on the Kanga that would have the AS4871 rating and ultimately be approved by the mine.

→Nautitech responded immediately arranging the Kanga to be transported to our Sydney Head office from the mine site.

→After inspecting the vehicle, Nautitech promised a 6 week turnaround to make the Kanga fully compliant and safe.

→The Kanga has limited space being such a small vehicle, so our engineers got to work immediately designing a new way to integrate our systems and applications into the machines existing small physical framework and lack of available space.

→Nautitech engineers then transformed the mini loader into a unique never-before-seen mini-loader.

→The “CCS Nautitech” mini loader  increases the safety levels for the Kanga drivers and increases the yields from the conveyor belt as they clean all conveyor belt spillage whilst monitoring the area’s temperatures, gas levels and pressures and the loader performance and engine health.

On site,   Conveyor Cleaning Services include:

  • ✓ Returning spilt coal to the conveyor system
  • ✓ Transporting belt rollers for repair crews
  • ✓ Transporting stone dust bags for trickle dusters
  • ✓ Keeping conveyor systems compliant
  • ✓ Keeping walkways in a safe condition
  • ✓ Supply of under belt cleaners

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