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It’s business critical that we use the best the industry has to offer
Nautitech has come a long way in recent times, there are a lot of positives about them in the market now
Your methane systems are one of the simplest, and are very reliable - up there with the best.
Nautitech staff provide us with exceptional customer service and product knowledge, they have bent over backwards to help us
We put 2 new Nautitech thermal cameras on one of our 2 new shuttle cars as a trial and the feedback has been outstanding. The operators particularly like how the screen becomes brighter when something relatively warm comes into view, alerting them to look at it. These are a big improvement on our normal video cameras and as a safety initiative I am very impressed.
Your methane system is much more advanced than the competition
The people at Nautitech are excellent to deal with and the company has some impressive innovations these days
Nautitech has always been on the front foot of technology and the leading brand in gas systems. For diesel engines no one comes close
The people at Nautitech have a very helpful and hands on approach, the culture is very positive.
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// Get 3 random testimonials and display them in 3 columns
[testimonials columns="3" number="3" random="true"]

// Get 4 testimonials and display them in 2 columns
[staff columns="2" number="4" random="false"]
Available argument options
  • number – Specify number of your testimonials to show.
  • columns – Specify in how many columns will they appear.
  • random – Specify in random testimonials are being displayed (if false, menu_order is active).