Nautitech is a frontrunner in reducing its environmental footprint with good management practices

In late 2014 Nautitech installed a very large 171 panel, 43kW solar panel system. The system replaces 78% of our coal derived energy usage with self-generated clean solar energy.

In late 2013 Nautitech changed out the lighting for our entire head office by fitting over 110 new super-energy efficient fluorescent lights.

In mid-2014 we transitioned our NATA lab facility away from using multiple ‘throw away’ gas cylinders into a single refillable bottle

In early 2014 we shifted to ‘batch’ machine use to greatly reduce total machine running times (less overall running hours and reduced warm-up and warm-down periods)

In 2013 we initiated grouping of dispatched items for fewer total km’s travelled (reduced vehicle emissions per package delivered)

Nautitech manufactures and distributes our own batteries – any battery past its life span is properly dispatched into a recycle program

So far Nautitech has completed four mile stones on our planned journey towards a 100% paperless office

Nautitech tracks and records all company waste using our new ERP system. The current average is <1% Comprehensive metal (mostly stainless steel) recycling program to ensure all metal waste can be melted down and re-used All excess paper is recycled and used as ecological product buffering for outgoing shipments. In addition, all Nautitech packaging is now derived from 100% recycled goods [section]

Nautitech’s 171 panel, 43kW solar panel system
Our ‘batch’ machine use program greatly reduces running hours
Packaging is now derived from 100% recycled goods