We are SIL RATED          

At NSW mines and petroleum sites it is mandatory that electrical safeguards must have sufficient reliability for the level of risk being controlled.

IEC61508 (SIL), AS61508, AS62061, ISO13849, AS4024.1, AS61511 and other standards provide a process for doing this. In conformance to the MDG43 and NSW department requirements, it is mandatory that safety-related functions  arising from hazard assessments must be assessed by an appropriate functional safety standard such as SIL (Safety Integrity Level), PL (Performance Levels) or CAT (Categories) or other relevant functional safety standards.

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Nautitech gets SIL Rated

Nautitech believes in the integrity of the SIL process, and feels strongly that its existence enhances the systems Nautitech manufactures for its customers. Many factors come into play in harsh environments impacting upon the longevity of some products. So we believe by being independantly SIL assessed, our customers are ensured safety of the highest standard.

As SIL is demanded by the market, Nautitech accepts it, will manage it, and get it done.

So far we have the following systems externally SIL rated:

•  Torque
•  Methane Master
•  Electrical Methane Master
•  The Jug systems
•  The GE Mining C9 System

What is a SIL rating?

Safety integrity level (SIL) is a measure of the likelihood that a system performs its nominated safety function when required. SIL ratings apply to each safety function performed by a system.

Individual components may have SIL ratings and these contribute to the overall SIL rating of a safety function.

Read more IEC website

SIL Certificate

Our SIL certificates are issued as a summary of the hardware failure data affecting the application of the equipment as a sub-system being part of a Safety Function intended to conform with the requirements of IEC61508 – Functional Safety of Electrical/Electronic/ Programmable Logic Safety Systems.

Download your relevant SIL certificates here:

Temperature Electronic Engines Temperature Diesel Engines Oil Pressure Electronic Engines Methane Electronic Engines Methane Diesel Engines Emergency Stop Electronic Engines

Please note our SIL certificates refer to the hardware integrity aspects of the products – the probability of failure and the hardware architectural features. Systematic integrity including software safety integrity is not covered.

SIL Assessors

Being externally assessed ensures that our systems are accurately SIL certified so we only use the best in the business. In order to achieve our SIL ratings, we commissioned two external assessors to rate our hardware:

Marcus Punch: SIL Assessor

is a Chartered Professional Engineer and the director of Marcus Punch Pty. Ltd., a specialist provider of reliability, risk and functional safety consulting and training services to the mining and other industries. He has been involved in the management and conduct of technical risk, safety engineering and reliability engineering work in Australia and internationally since the early 1990’s. This has included work in the mining, hydro-electricity, ship building, defence, railways and public infrastructure sectors.

Marcus has provided consulting and training services in functional safety to the Australian mining industry since 2006. He is a TÜV-certified Functional Safety Expert in Machinery and a TÜV-certified Functional Safety Engineer in Safety Instrumented Systems / Process.

Marcus is also the author of 2 books: “Functional Safety for the Mining and Machinery-based Industries” & “Think Control, Not Risk – Mastering Health and Safety Under the Model WH&S Act”.

He lives in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Australia.

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Josias van der Merwe: SIL Analyst

has more than 20 years experience in an embedded hardware and software development environment in the following industries: mining, military, commercial and banking. He has obtained a Masters of Engineering, Research and Product Development, a Bachelors in Computer Science and is a qualified tradesman  for Electrical, Electronics and Mechanics.

Josias has focused on the mining industry for the last four years and has performed the following tasks:

  • Assisted in the design of an integrated protection relay
  • Performed Intrinsic Safety designs and certification
  • Performed Functional safety assessments
  • Design of safety-related system as used for weapon systems
  • Improvement of various electronic units for underground diesel machines
  • Assisting in the acquiring of a Quality Assessment Report (QAR)


Josias lives in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

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