Survey shotcrete areas more accurately

What is shotcrete?

Concrete that is sprayed via a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a surface. Shotcrete typically forms structural or non-structural components of buildings. The relatively dry mixture is consolidated by the force of impact and develops a compressive strength similar to normal and high-strength concrete.

The challenge

Shotcrete machine operators can be up to 15 metres away from the spray nozzle and often operate in dark or reduced light areas. Poor visibility can cause mistakes and slow down the job.

The solution

The Nautitech Laser LUX light is an intensely bright ‘laser’ like light that produces a colossal 300 lux at 10m. This creates a whole new level of clarity for tunnel and underground workers.

✓ Survey shotcrete areas more efficiently and accurately

✓ More clearly identify where bolts can be inserted

✓ The LED technology keeps the alternator current down (for reduced draw where applicable)

✓ Lights can be mounted on a fixed position on the boom or on a swivel bracket for easy multi-directional aim.

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"The brighter the light the better it is for the (shotcrete machine) operators"

Nathan, Cougar Mining Group