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Saminco is Nautitech’s partner in South Africa, North America and Australia. This relationship with another METS (Mining, Equipment, Technology & Services) company, who share our values, has been growing strong for over three years. Nautitech is the sales and service provider in Australia for Saminco, and Saminco reciprocate in their own strongholds. Nautitech and Saminco jointly displayed at the International Mining Expo in Las Vegas in September, 2016.


Nautitech feels collaboration is the key to success, as it is difficult for one company to achieve true greatness on its own. Throughout all our collaborations, the main objective is to provide the solution the customer is looking for at the right price and quality.

Based in Florida USA, the company employs over 120 people at multiple locations, Saminco’s main product is traction drives that operate reliably in harsh conditions.

For 25 years, Saminco International has been developing and manufacturing high power DC and AC drives and complete electrical systems. Utilizing the latest in technology with the expert capabilities of our engineering R&D team, Saminco have expanded their product lines to now provide complete electrical systems for all types of mining, industrial and transportation equipment. Saminco’s Drive System is Nautitech’s system of choice to drive and automate your underground vehicles.

Nauittech provide systems on the JS400 for continous miners and JD400 Traction Drives for Continuous Miners and Shuttle Cars.

Product feature video : Saminco’s Battery VFD system on a LHD (with a VF1-75 traction drive)

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