Alex Lester congratulates Percy Nallas (left) on 10 years’ service with Nautitech
So Percy what’s a day at work look like these days?
“I have been exposed to many interesting aspects of our operations including drafting, SMT production, prototyping, testing, assembly testing, and delivery to the customer which is always rewarding. We recently finished the next generation methane safety system which I am proud to have been a part of”10 years is a good effort these days mate…
“Yes, over 10 years I have witnessed a lot of different things develop at Nautitech. What I enjoy most these days is the culture we have here – colleagues helping each other, multicultural respect and flexibility on hours to support studying part time. It really is a happy and productive place to be; we get a lot done and also enjoy the trials along the way”What qualifications have helped you get there?
“I have a Certificate IV in Engineering Drafting, an Advanced Diploma in electrical technology and a Diploma in Engineering – Technical (Mechatronics)”

Percy – thank you for your time and congratulations again on an amazing effort.