Meet the Team

“Nautitech is obsessed with continuous evolvement and improvement”
– Paul, Engineering Team



Nautitech has some of the smartest design, engineering, and testing talent in the industry, and as Managing Director, I’m proud to say that we are in an extremely strong position as we grow for the future. Building on our proven track record, I’m dedicated to developing cutting-edge safety and communications systems for our clients around the world. My long term goal is to showcase local innovation and smart engineering, collaborate with like-minded organisations and ensure that Nautitech is recognised as one of the best companies in Australia.


As General Manager of Nautitech, I’ll be responsible for driving the innovation that has led this company from a start up to an internationally recognised brand. During my 15 years in the industry, I’ve worked in roles across Australia as well as with European and American OEMs, providing me with valuable experience and leadership skills that will help propel Nautitech to the next level. It’s clear to me that Nautitech is one of the best examples of how a good idea, combined with enthusiasm and passion for the industry, can lead to great things, and I’m proud to be part of that journey.


I have been with Nautitech for four years now, working in manufacturing. I am able to make good use of my qualifications in electronics and mechanics since I am involved in all aspects of production. As a company we more recently went through quite a transformation and have always remained a positive workplace to be involved with. We also have an established system that recognises employee contributions which is great.


I am in the production team. Our team gets a lot of satisfaction out of watching a product go through the production line from A to Z especially when our quality measurements are improving pretty much every month. Outside of work I enjoy photography and visiting the snowy mountains.


My name is Anna and my current role at Nautitech Mining Systems is Purchasing Officer. I have been with Nautitech since late 2008 and I am looking forward to the upcoming years. The things I like most within the company are being able to work in different departments which help me to understand company needs and getting knowledge about our products. After work hours I am a hands full mummy enjoying my family life!


Usually, at the customer’s request I get immersed in a bunch of wires by which I chase lost electrons and guide them to their right destination...I'm eager to take any challenges, roll up my sleeves and get the tasks done! I experiment with lots of sports and currently enjoy road bike riding as the flavour of the month but always searching…“I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”.


Nautitech has always made me feel welcome from the time I started. I have 16 years in the coal industry and as a field service electrician I enjoy supporting great products. Nautitech is always moving forward and meeting the demands of it’s customers. In my spare time I enjoy riding motorbikes and horses with my family.


Being part of an organisation where everybody gets to know about our lives outside of work is great as it has led to some lasting friendships over the years. I help with many parts of the production process and also help out the engineering department with prototypes. Outside of work I love playing soccer and watching sports with mates and going to music gigs and festivals, but more than anything I love spending time with my wife and my newborn son who light up my life.


Based in Middelburg - South Africa, I am a qualified electrician & fitter (millwright) with 8 years experience in underground mining on mechanical, electrical and PLC systems. I look forward to supporting our customers and aiding Nautitech's growth in South Africa. In my spare time I enjoy camping, playing guitar and fishing, however with a new baby boy, I don't get much time for that these days!


I possess more than 20 years of progressive experience in the I.T. field. My professional history includes positions such as Team-Leader and Senior Software Developer. My responsibilities included business analysis, software design and implementation,  workflow and data migration. With a recent move from South Africa to Nautitech's head office in Sydney, I am excited to be working on new software developments for Nautitech.


I am a R&D electronic engineer. I enjoy working at Nautitech because each project is unique and the expectation for the quality of the finished products is high. I apply the same principles to my mountain biking and engineering – go hard, but be sure to nail every jump and drop-off!


Nautitech is a special place to work, we all get along very well, like family, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. This kind of culture allows us to trust each other and move forward and progress our projects more easily.


I’ve been here for more than two years and have been loving it ever since. I love the people here, we are like a family. My job is pretty much a touch of most things in the company and I do many of the repairs of our products.


At Nautitech, we engineer products that increase safety for humans and machines in the underground mining sector. As a Project Lead Engineer, I have the opportunity to work on diversified tools and technologies as well as the satisfaction of working to protect human life. In the past seven years, technology has advanced significantly from 8-bit processors to 32-bit quad processors making our products more robust and functional for an environment that demands a high level of safety.


I have been with Nautitech for over six years and very much enjoy it here. My first role was store person. With my accounting background I was then promoted to accounts/Payroll officer. Payroll is a critical function of the accounting department and includes making sure all employees are paid accurately and timely. I particularly enjoy keeping an eye on opportunities to find cost savings for the business too.


We have a great team who are always happy to pitch in and help. The majority of my working life has been in the quality field and having been in the refrigeration industry for 17 years it was a good change to venture into the mining industry. I spend much of my free time divided between completing my home renovations and fishing.


I am the Production Manager here at Nautitech. The team here is vibrant and energetic which makes a big difference to our output targets. We are hitting scheduled mass production targets as well as meeting urgent customer requests which is something we are all proud of. Outside of company hours I very much enjoy family time, physical workouts and motorcycle riding.


Prior to joining Nautitech I have had four years of experience designing Intrinsically Safe devices in UGC (Underground Coal Mining). Most of my designs passed certification from TUV, UL and VDE and are still in the market today. I really believe this is my calling: designing devices and products which contribute to society.


As Nautitech's Business Development Manager, I have experience performing shuttle car overhauls, maintaining equipment like feeder breakers, auxiliary fans and pump skids. I like getting to know the 'ins and outs' of what our customers need so I always welcome challenges while being open to learning new things. It’s not uncommon for me to discover work processes that have not changed for literally 20+ years!


I have been with Nautitech for almost 4 years and I have witnessed a lot of different things develop. What I enjoy most these days is the culture we have here, multicultural respect and flexibility on hours. It really is a happy and productive place to be which helps to get a lot done.


I am a calibration technician/assembler at Nautitech, I make CH4 sensors and certify them. The main thing I like about Nautitech is it’s a environment I feel comfortable in, there is a lot of trust. I am an IT graduate and I play badminton (was district player overseas) and I really I like to cook!


I am an in the electronics assembly division, we assemble all sorts of electronic components and batteries. We have a very good quality control system in place and are proud of the standard of output that is achieved.


Nautitech is obsessed with continuous evolvement and improvement. New ideas come to fruition quickly which is great to observe. Around 6 years ago I joined Nautitech first as a contractor and then full time. Outside of work, well I am probably in my last year of turf cricket, playing second grade for Bay and Basin CC.


My role is mechanical drafting. I like the culture we have here - colleagues helping each other, multicultural respect, and flexibility on hours to support studying part time. I also enjoy basketball, badminton, and boxing. And I play drums as a backup drummer in our church music ministry.


I have been with Nautitech since 2009, working as a test engineer. In my view Nautitech is a very dynamic company, employing ambitious and passionate individuals and providing a leading edge in technological solutions for hazardous areas. To relax I play tennis and together with my wife help my daughter raising her kids.


I have felt welcome from day dot, my time here so far has been awesome! I like being the first point of contact as it gives me the opportunity to get to know our customers and suppliers. Outside of work I really enjoy relaxing and good food, if you can imagine the beach and cocktails then that’s it, although it’s probably more like the lounge and a movie, LOL.