Plant Design Registration MDR 141807 GD-0

Nautitech is pleased to announce the release of the Methane Master – our new Ex d ia methane safety system, equipped with an industry leading I.S. sensor – the new standard in underground methane sensing.The Methane Master is Ex d ia certified and will replace its Ex d predecessor – the most popular diesel engine methane shut down system in Australia with over 1500 units sold in the last 10 years.

Please see the image below for a summary of the new system improvements, andclick here to go to the full brochure.

The Ex d model has not had a price increase in 7 years. In recognition of the difficult times our industry is currently facing Nautitech has decided to continue the Ex d system price for the new Methane Master and to also introduce 3 new discounts in order to make the transition to the new system as easy as possible:1.       A discount for orders paid for before the end of the year (31/12/2014).
2.       A further discount if you trade in your existing system/s (not limited to Nautitech brand).
3.       Even further discounts for orders of four or more systems.

Also note that trading in your old system for a new one will allow you to defer any upcoming overhaul (code D) expenses (typically $1500 to $4000), by resetting your next system overhaul date to four years.

The NSW Dept. of Resources and Energy has granted Nautitech a six month period that allows us to continue to manufacture and sell the existing Ex d systems and associated parts for six months from 24/6/2014 until 24/12/2014 (Christmas Eve). We will also continue to service and repair the existing Ex d systems during the same six month period to allow customers time to upgrade to the new Ex d ia Methane Master.

To organise a demonstration or discuss the optimal upgrade plan and pricing for your fleet please contact Ian Pollard ( or Nick Smith ( or by calling 02 9899 6857.

Click here for the full Methane Master brochure.