Nautitech acquisition of Connexa’s Intrinsically Safe (I.S) products late 2016

Nautitech’s desire to make a difference for safety in hazardous areas, is being pursued continuously and applied with a new offering of a suite of Intrinsically Safe (I.S) modular products that will deliver outstanding advantages to the industry. Having purchased the I.S products in late Dec 2016, from Connexa. Nautitech is busily preparing to release its expanded suite of IS products to its customers in April 2017.

Nautitech believes that the future for the industry is in Intrinsic Safety, and so the purchase of these products which were already on Nautitech’s to do list, was an opportune shortcut.

The Nautitech IS suite now includes I.S controllers, I.S methane shutdown/start up systems, I.S uninterruptible power supplies, I.S power supply modules, I.S intelligent sensors (including methanometers), solenoid controllers, piezo pneumatic valves and quick connect cabling systems, all rated for use in Group I, and Zone 0 hazardous environments, without the need for additional enclosures.

We are also developing I.S thermal and HD cameras which will be released in July 2017.

Hot FACTS for Australia
  • •  No other company is certified to supply an I.S PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) in Australia.
  • •  No other firm is certified to supply a totally I.S Methane shutdown system in Australia.
  • •  No other firm offers specific IS vehicle mobile headlights in Australia (see image)
  • •  Additionally, all of these products were designed for SIL 2 (NSW mines department released an MDG43 in 2016 stating that having an external  rating such as a SIL rating is mandatory for safety functions)
  • •  Compliments our Spitfire modems, thermal and HD cameras which are already working in hazardous areas on shearers, continuous miners and  shuttle cars.
  • •  All Nautitech’s solutions are backed up by experienced and trained technicians in ensuring correct Installation, training and service support is always available.



I . S or Explosion Proof ?

It all comes down to whether you need to keep going in zone 0…..

Intrinsically safe [Ex ia] products achieve the same goal as explosion proof; the prevention of ignition, but through a different means. Whilst EX d products are designed to contain explosions or ignitions, I.S [Ex ia] products rely on very low voltages, rugged designs and materials that don’t ignite under any fault conditions. I.S systems are usually battery powered (with an I.S power supply) and needs so little current that it is incapable of either producing sparks or producing enough heat to ignite gases or materials. Thus, Intrinsically Safe products can be used in the most hazardous areas of all – Zone 0.

I.S. products not only use less power, they can reduce unplanned downtime. Stoppages are minimised  as I.S enabled products and equipment can stay powered up when its protection is breached, even in the most hazardous Zone 0 areas underground. This increases the mines productivity as broken equipment can be replaced during normal stoppages.

These stoppages get much more expensive for example, in a longwall shearer that contains a regular PLC, stopping production here is estimated to cost $180K per hour. With an I.S PLC, the shearer can carry on working until a convenient time arises for the mine managers to resolve any issue.

Another benefit when remaining powered up is the I.S power supply can continue to monitor the environmental conditions regardless of any explosive gases that may be present.

The same benefits apply to our I.S lights or I.S cameras where a simple and single event, such as the breakage of a lens on a flameproof fitting can stop production costing the mine many hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the case of the intrinsically safe fitting, assuming you have just fractured the glass, the safety integrity is not compromised and it is not a reportable incident. No reportable incident and no paperwork!

Safety not compromised. Downtime minimised. Production maximised, does it get any better than that?



Certification: Ex ia I Ma  IP67 connector

What they do:

  • Designed with flexibility in mind for use on a mobile underground vehicle in hazardous Zone 0 as a headlight or as a standalone light in any situation when paired with the Nautitech I.S Power Supply Module.
  • Applications include vehicle driving lights, vehicle indicating lights, vehicle hazard light, work / area lights, traffic lights &  injury lights.
  • Variants of the base product can deliver different light intensity, colours (White, red, yellow, blue, green), beam angles and control functions (flashing, non-flashing).

Estimated Australian release date: March 2017 / Estimated South African release date: May 2017


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Certification: EX ia Group I IECEx SIMATARS

What it does:

  • Designed to be used in hazardous Zone 0 to assess the concentration of atmospheric methane in mine environments, whilst operating safely in potentially explosive methane rich atmospheres.
  • Applications include mine wide usage including environmental monitoring as shutdown/start up system on continuous miners, roof bolters, longwall machines, and shuttle cars.

Estimated Australian release date: October 2017
Brochure available late 2017



Certification: EX ia I Ma,  IEC61131 processing, IP66 ingress protection

What it does:

  • Nautitech’s I.S PLC is a sequential logic engine of an electronic control system for use in hazardous areas [Group I, zone 0].
  • Typical applications include safety start up & shutdown systems data logging systems and automation control systems.

Estimated Australian release date: March 2017


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Certification: EX mb [ia] IMB (Um applied), Ex ia I Ma (Um withdrawn)

What it does:

  • The Nautitech IS low voltage power supply is designed for use in underground coal mines, in conjunction with other certified equipment and/or as a replacement for other power supply units. The unit provides high reliability power supply for an electronic control system in Group I environments where explosive elements are present.
  • Applications include local, remote and extended control power supplies for automation control systems, safety shutdown & start up systems, event logging systems and I.S lights

Estimated Australian release date: March 2017

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Certification: Ex mb [ia] I Ma

What it does:

The UPS is the same as the (PSM) however the UPS can be controlled by voltage free contact or simple device. The UPS permits systems to be powered when mains supply may not be available.

Estimated Australian release date: March 2017


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Certification: EX ia

What it does:

Designed to carry on working in the most hazardous conditions – zone 0 and as it is detecting heat rather than light. This allows for people and equipment such as cabling or any warm objects to be seen in complete darkness, dust, heat or steam.

Applications include use on mobile machines or stationary installations underground such as conveyor belts or in conjunction with a PDS (personnel detection system) on automated shearers, vehicles or machinery. The cameras will be powered via Nautitech’s I.S power supply, so will keep on working in Zone 0 areas.

Estimated Australian release date: Late 2017
Brochure available late 2017


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