No Fibre at Your Site?

Get your own 1Gbps
wireless links

ATI has been building private networks for 22 years. As our customer you'll save significant money by owning your network instead of leasing. You can also set it up almost anywhere, and enjoy uncontended data speeds of typically 100Mbps to 5Gbps.

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You are:

• A council wanting to allow your customers in faraway locations to pay rates without needing to drive in to town.
• A mine site in a remote location (off the telecommunications grid) and experiencing slow site-to-site or site-to-head office data transmission speeds.
• A radiographer needing to move very large image files to radiologists more quickly.
• Running an industrial plant and need to monitor switching or SCADA assets with ultra-reliability.
• Responsible for running communications across a large scale and transient construction environment with frequent digging activity making it impractical to fun fibre.
• Operating a railway and need an ultra-reliable 99.999% (“five nines”) availability backhaul network set up for your voice (2-way radio), switching or CCTV data.
• A large utilities organisation needing to:
A. Achieve fast file transfer speeds between your office locations to allow corporate network users to work more productively.
B. Monitor voltages and protect infrastructure in your large scale power network by securing and maintaining a complex synchronised grid.
C. Establish a back haul network for smart metering.

And facing challenges such as:

• Fibre being not available at some or all of your sites.
• Equity of access: your staff demand the same network capacity regardless of the location they are in and how geographically diverse their surrounding environment is.
• You are getting excessive bills and slow data speeds from your leased line (fibre)
• You would like to objectively compare the cost of your current network with an alternative that you weren’t previously aware of.
• You’re looking for a diverse back up option or disaster recovery solution by creating a diverse path (another data transmission path running in a different direction), a path duplication (duplicate the same transmission path) or a different media type (e.g. microwave radio or fibre).
• You need a technology refresh on your existing network hardware.

The solution: build your own private network using microwave radio technology

Many businesses do not know this option exists, or they simply do not have the expertise within their core business to build and manage a wide area network.

For this reason ATI offers customers the ability to outsource the entire network from A to Z, as a ‘turnkey’ package. This allows us to do the job efficiently and allows our customers to get back to what they do best with minimal disturbance to their own productivity.

Unlike many of our competitors, ATI has the combined experience, man power and support team to create reliable and long lasting networks.

What our customers are saying:

In addition to offering superior geographical reach, financial value, and longevity, ATI networks also deliver:

  • Fast set up time
  • ATI networks transfer your data through the air instead of through the ground. This means no digging and no annoying terrestrial hindrances causing long delays to your network completion time.

  • Control
  • ADSL2+ broadband is on average 7Mbps (Megabits per second) download speed in Australia. Need 50Mbps? 100? Or even 5000? (5Gbps). ATI can deliver whatever you want (up to 10Gbps). After all it’s your network and you need to control data transfer speed in line with your business needs. It just comes down to your requirement and budget.

  • Scalability
  • In 22 years ATI has never taken a product out of support. Our clients simply scale up their network when their requirement changes and network technology becomes more powerful and more compact. It’s the cleverest way to future proof your communications.

    If you need to move data across multiple locations ATI Australia is optimally positioned as our country’s number one business grade point-to-point network provider. Click here to see our track record.


Will ATI warrant the performance of the solution once it is installed?
Yes, only by fully understanding the complete system design and the equipment’s engineering limitations can the end to end solution performance be predicted. With many decades of network and RF engineering experience ATI provides detailed designs and warrants solution performance.

When the equipment fails who will fix it, how and when?
High bandwidth services typically carry critical data and require focused timely online support. ATI offers tailored support services including 24/7 response time that include access to spares pools.

What capacity can I get with microwave radio?
A microwave link typically provides a point to point solution carrying uncontended data between two target locations such as office buildings or school campuses. Microwave is an extremely cost effective solution for high bandwidth requirements from 2 Mbit/sec to 10 or more Gigabit/sec.

Am I allowed to own a microwave link if I am not a carrier (ISP)?
Yes, if you only carry your own organisations voice/data. ATI also owns a ‘carrier’ business called GigaNet.

How do I know ATI is offering an optimal solution for my business?
ATI offers either microwave radio or fibre technology depending on your unique circumstances. Plus we offer Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) comparisons so you can see for yourself how the best solution can be reached. ATI also offers a complete selection of “best of breed” products from a wide selection of world renowned manufacturers. We ensure that you can select from all these options and not a limited set of products from a single manufacturer.