Nautitech welcomes dedicated field support electrician Shane Donoghoe…

Shane, welcome aboard, what do you plan to do first?

Thanks, I am fortunate to have prior experience working directly for a mine site in NSW. This has given me a heads up on all kinds of machines such as Sandvik miners, Waratah shuttle cars and PJB cruisers to name a few. I also understand gas systems and have had experience with different kinds and brands out there. This experience will carry directly into my role at Nautitech as field support electrician.

People generally have very good things to say about Nautitech so I am glad to have the opportunity to now work on and support their products. I plan to get around to NSW and QLD mine sites as efficiently as possible and connect them more closely with Nautitech as a supplier by understanding their needs more carefully, and assisting with onsite installations and training. Nautitech also has some excellent innovations around thermography, lighting and data transmission. With my background working at a pit full time I feel pretty confident in being able to find the situations where this gear will add value to a mine.

All sounds very positive, and what generally happens after you down tools on a Friday?

Well last weekend I was fishing with the old man off Wollongong which is always enjoyable, I am also a big NRL follower, I enjoy most sports really.

Shane, field support is a very important aspect of Nautitech’s 2014 strategic plan and we are very glad to have you on board!

Above – the Nautitech field support team comprises Shane (far left), Ian, Artur, Chris and Eric.

As part of our 2014 continuous improvement program, Nautitech has now developed a larger and more responsive field support program for customers. We have improved our manuals, developed training documentation, and with the addition of Shane, have extended our field support team to five members. The teams main capabilities include: Installations, onsite and offsite repairs, training and calibrations.

We have a new email address dedicated to the support team: