Electronic shutdown

Nautitech has developed our next generation of electronic shutdown systems which are currently available for mobile machines used underground. Building on the success of the original methane monitor system, this new generation features many improvements to ensure Nautitech customers remain at the forefront of technology.

Full electronic shutdown systems meeting the requirements of AS3584 have been shown to outperform on reliability in the field. Nautitech’s new market offerings outperform on safety, reliability, robustness, serviceability and support. As a market leader in hazardous area vehicle systems, Nautitech has been able to leverage extensive experience, a systematic development approach and a dedicated in-house engineering group. We have developed electronic shutdown systems for the Sandvik C7 and C9 engines, and the EPEC DES range including the 4.5 litre and 6.7 litre variants of the popular QSB 4 and 6 cylinder engines from Cummins.

Our team of hazardous area engineers are now well versed in the custom design and development of electronic shutdown and engine management systems. If you are an OEM or engine development company we have the relevant experience and resources to assist with your next engine management system.

Nautitech electronic shutdown system as shown on an EPEC Cummins engine.
Nautitech electronic shutdown systems are used on Sandvik C9 engines.