Copper mine remote vehicle control with HD video cameras

A copper mine in the central west of New South Wales required a very robust HD video camera system to allow for remote control of their unmanned underground vehicles.

HD cameras allow for remote control of a vehicle by an operator who is located in a control room – a long way away on the mine surface. The camera system is mounted on the vehicle and engaged by the operator for manual remote control specifically when the vehicle is loading and unloading. It is critical that the operator is given very clear vision and very low latency (usually <300 milliseconds) so that there is absolutely minimal lag time between the actual vehicle movements in the mine and what the operator sees on their control room screen. Nautitech originally supplied a fit for purpose solution with no additional client engineering required. This included:

✓ Provision of an appropriate HD camera core with a high performance Da Vinci processor

✓ A heavy S/S IP66 5060 series camera enclosure

✓ H264 encoding, transfer to Ethernet stack and connection to a Wi-Fi router which transported the video signal to the control room on the surface (or anywhere it is required).

Whilst the original Nautitech cameras systems are no longer in use at this site, Nautitech can supply new HD cameras for this purpose and we are well versed in preparing cameras to withstand heavy physical impacts.

If you require assistance in this area please talk to Gert – our leading engineer in this field.


Actual camera footage from the copper mine