Productive Conveyor Belts

Clean up your conveyor belt area using a AS4871 rated Kanga

Conveyor Cleaning Services (CCS) in conjunction with Nautitech now provide site compliant NERZ KANGA mini loaders. These loaders offer underground miners the most efficient and productive mini loader to clean and monitor your conveyor belt areas. The Kanga now contains a full shutdown system that has a AS4871 rating.

Kanga with Nautitech’s Hawkeye display

The Nautitech team

CCS operator using Kanga


Increase your conveyor belt yield with a Kanga by

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  • ✓ Increases the safety levels for driver
  • ✓ Monitors the area’s temperatures, gas levels & pressures
  • ✓ Monitors Kanga performance & engine health
  • ✓ Increases yields by returning spilt coal to the conveyor system
  • ✓ Upgraded 4 cylinder engine that runs at much lower rpm
  • ✓ Produces more power at a much lower engine temperature
  • ✓ Guarding to protect exposed parts for hazardous conditions underground
  • ✓ Can include a boundary trespass shutdown system

Nautitech built into the Kanga a shutdown system sensitive to temperatures and pressures for various parameters such as:

✓  Full turn Key retrofit – Harnesses
3 Axis gyro
Safe assessed
SIL1 assessed (Temperatures and CH4)
Intelligent dashboard
Minimal intrusion for installation
Correct solution for area (NERZ)
5 Temperature Sensors
1 Pressure Sensor
Engine Management
Data Logger (Nautitech Profiler)

Case Study: Success Story!
Grasstree Mine have an extremely long conveyor system with a lot of spillage at transfer points. A typical 12 hour shift results in a Kanga loader returning 150 > 180 buckets to the conveyor system. At 150 buckets X 320 kg per bucket = 48 tonnes  per day  at $100 per tonne = $4,800.00 a shift in reclaimed coal. We are able to keep Grasstree’s belts compliant at little or no cost to Grasstree.

CCS have been operating at Anglo’s Grasstree Mine since 2009, with 8 operators, 2 Kanga Loaders and a third Kanga to be supplied as a spare in the next few weeks. Several other mines have now ordered the Kanga mini loader to increase their conveyor belt productivity in 2017.


On site,  include:ey1a1477conveyor

✓ Returning spilt coal to the conveyor system
✓ Transporting belt rollers for repair crews
✓ Transporting stone dust bags for trickle dusters
✓ Keeping conveyor systems compliant
✓ Keeping walkways in a safe condition
✓ Supply of under belt cleaners


"Our KANGA operators are very impressed that they can monitor in real time temperatures, pressures and gas levels. The system is very simple to use, training has also been provided with manuals and onsite representatives"

Peter, CCS

Heard enough? – Let’s start working together

Better monitoring of conveyor belts using thermal cameras

Reduce the chance of fire
Monitor roller temperature
Check coal is loading evenly

Thermal cameras can enhance conveyor belt monitoring significantly. Here are some example applications for underground coal mines and port terminals.

✓ Monitoring for excessive heat/chance of fire at the boot-end
✓ Monitor for common problems at conveyor belt transfer points
✓ Monitor how evenly the belt surface is loaded with coal
✓ Monitor the way the chain goes over the end of the Flexible Conveyor Train (FCT). Camera faces the tailgate sprocket to monitor for rubbing and hot spots
✓ Generally monitor coal temperatures at port terminals to reduce the chance of spontaneous combustion. At a port terminal, the temperature of a coal load before, during, and directly after the loading process should be below 60°C. Therefore, every load of coal that leaves the terminal needs to be backed with a valid temperature monitoring certificate.

The Nautitech ExTREME CAM Thermal camera houses a Flir camera core inside our extremely robust IP66 S/S flameproof housing – making it uniquely appealing to hazardous environments.

Images and video can be displayed on a remote display, (Ex d and non Ex d displays available), or can be networked back to a control room.

Click here for full thermal camera specifications, diagrams and more.