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Hitting the ground running

Nautitech welcomes dedicated field support electrician Shane Donoghoe… Shane, welcome aboard, what do you plan to do first? Thanks, I am fortunate to have prior experience working directly for a mine site in NSW. This has given me a heads […]

Saminco chooses Nautitech!

We are proud to announce that Nautitech is officially now Saminco’s exclusive sales, service and repair representative for Australia and New Zealand. Saminco and Nautitech share a focus on underground coal. Saminco’s main product is traction drives that operate reliably in […]

Ready for Kaizen?

‘Kaizen’ means ‘continuous improvement’ in Japanese. As no process can ever be declared perfect, there is always room for improvement. Nautitech team members pictured above. Below, GM Alex Lester talks about the dangers of embarking on Continuous Improvement (CI) programs such as Lean and […]

Nautitech gains IP!

Nautitech has gained Ian Pollard as our latest recruit. Ian is a seasoned veteran of the underground coal industry in Australia we are very pleased to have him aboard. Ian, congratulations on joining the team at Nautitech! Thanks very much, I am […]

How to get continuous data from your Continuous Miner…

Dr Douglas Carter, creator of the Nautitech Spitfire BPLM, talks about the latest leap in BPLM R&D. So Douglas, what’s the big news?  The Spitfire BPLM has proven to be a reliable product for shearers in underground coal mines around […]

LED Headlight + HD Camera all in one enclosure!

Fully integrated HD colour camera & LED light 2 in 1 reduces total expenditure on lights and cameras Free up machine space by using fewer enclosures Reduce installation and maintenance labour Perfect for underground mobile plant. To organise a demonstration or trial please contact Ian Pollard […]

Percy-vering to new heights!

Alex Lester congratulates Percy Nallas (left) on 10 years’ service with Nautitech So Percy what’s a day at work look like these days? “I have been exposed to many interesting aspects of our operations including drafting, SMT production, prototyping, testing, […]

Underground Thermal Trial Results Are In…

“We put 2 new Nautitech thermal cameras on one of our 2 new shuttle cars as a trial and the feedback has been outstanding. The operators particularly like how the screen becomes brighter when something relatively warm comes into view, […]

New Methane Safety System Now Approved

Plant Design Registration MDR 141807 GD-0 Nautitech is pleased to announce the release of the Methane Master – our new Ex d ia methane safety system, equipped with an industry leading I.S. sensor – the new standard in underground methane […]