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How to get sensor readings on-site

“Sensors can sometimes go open circuit – they default to a too high a temperature and don’t allow the engine to run resulting in machine downtime. The new QuickRead unit from Nautitech allows us to test sensor accuracy on the […]

Chess, Motorbikes & Intrinsic Safety

Michael, great to have you on board, so what are you going to do first up? On my first day I was tasked to propose a next generation methane sensor which could solve a common request from several mine sites: […]

Thermal Camera in Top 10

The aim of the Innovation Awards is to recognise creative and practical solutions to health and safety and to promote their application across the Queensland resources industry. Entry is open to all Queensland resource companies and sites; including metalliferous, coal, […]

Thermal camera: award, press release & new features

Nautitech’s thermal camera was the product Peabody’s Metropolitan Mine recently implemented when the mine site won the 2014 Global Energy Safety Innovation Award (see announcement). The thermal camera also later featured in the Daily Telegraph in March 2015 (see article) Encouraged by […]

A new way to extend your network

Dr Douglas Carter talks about his latest creation: the BPLM Super Spitfire Douglas, so what is a BPLM and how did the need for a ‘Super’ one arise? The Super Spitfire was a natural progression from the Spitfire BPLM (broadband […]