Nautitech is devoted to the design and manufacture of products that improve safety and productivity in hazardous areas. Our key products include methane shutdown systems, broadband power-line modems, thermal and HD cameras and flameproof displays.

The most widely used diesel vehicle shut down system in Australia now has a rapid change out IS head, improved snout design for better ingress protection, a faster warm up time and a faster response time.
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See bystanders more clearly and stop running over trailing cables. Designed to excel in darkness, steam, heat, and dust, thermal cameras are the future of visibility in underground coal mines.
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It is well known that continuous miners and shearers can log valuable operational data. However, it hasn’t always been easy to get that data out of the machine and up to the surface where it can be analysed for fault logging and productivity.
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“What has allowed Nautitech to sustain and even grow in the current market is the culture change, we have changed considerably”

– Aga, Managing Director

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